Explanations of Japan’s Imperialistic Expansion, 1894-1910 (by Bill Gordon)

Japan emerged in 1853 from two and a half centuries of self-imposed peaceful isolation, but within a few decades the country’s leaders embarked on a policy of aggressive territorial expansion. During the last half of the nineteenth century, the Western … Continue reading

Reflections on Hiroshima (by Bill Gordon)

The dropping of an atomic bomb on Hiroshima, which caused untold human suffering and brought about profound implications for the entire human race, represents one of the key events of the twentieth century. By examining the historical background and the … Continue reading

Quantifying Capitalist Development in Imperial Japan (by Mr Charrington)

Too often in historiography is capitalist development referred to as some sort of ‘qualitative miracle’; a process that comes about via the ‘awakening’ or ‘enlightenment’ of the people and/or economy. The idea that the economy, or for that matter the … Continue reading