Did the British government have any intention on giving the Arabs a state of their own after the First World War? (by Mr Charrington)

British policy in the Middle East prior to the outbreak of WWI was certainly complicated; but it has also been misunderstood in historiography. True, reputation was against the British government – the Empire was perhaps at its most powerful, governing … Continue reading

How can it be explained that Nazism made real, if partial, inroads into wider German Society? (by Joshua Arbury)

It cannot be doubted that Nazi Germany was the most destructive political regime of the 20th century, not only because it unleashed World War II or instigated the holocaust but because of its impact on German society. The extent of … Continue reading

The Public School Ethos and Late Nineteenth-Century Juvenile Literature (by Stephen Basdeo)

In 1888 a biography entitled The Life of General Gordon was written so that ‘the young can learn the beautiful lessons of obedience and humility, of loyalty to God and devotion to others’ (Hope, 1888, p.361). The writers of biographical … Continue reading